About Media Kitty

This cat can open doors... Media Kitty connects PR and media professionals across the globe, making it easy to get news noticed and stories told. A community of 10,000+ journalists, marketers and communicators interested in actionable content and building relationships, Media Kitty enamours the creative class.

Attractive to creative professionals with a nose for news, we are a service for those who appreciate personal connections, and well-told and researched stories that move audiences worldwide into action. 

Media Kitty is the go-to for up-to-date, valuable, relevant information and contacts. We deliver exactly what professionals need to tell compelling stories that hook audiences. 

When it comes to pitching editors, managing contacts and distributing news, we work a bit differently, something journalists and PR consultants seem to really like. Our work is award winning and popular, admired and respected for its game changing nature by all sorts of professionals from around the world.

A newsy marketplace for accountable communicators in the lifestyle sector is how newcomers tend to think of us. Media Kitty is here to help you keep on track while working through the thick and thin of your everyday. 

In our earlier days, our network was tourism focused. Travel entrepreneurs, adventurers, writers, photographers, publicists, professors and filmmakers were all on board and helped spread word of Media Kitty. We nurtured a quirky sort of following with our niche appeal. Newsmakers, promoters, shooters, builders; our members are a mixed breed of cool cats, but we love them all equally.

Media Kitty is now reaching into new alleys, like style and mobile technology, and entertainment and design -- all akin to moving matters forward and approaching business with a sense of play, backed up by our longstanding credibility. Media Kitty sets the stage for communications success by creating a community -- online and in person – that brings people with a shared purpose together for success. Newsmakers and storytellers connect and create impact through communications.