Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

The team behind Media Kitty is spread across Canada’s largest cities, with expanding circles in the US and internationally.

Spanning the globe, we know news from both sides of the fence. We are a group of PR pros, working journalists, strategists, developers and digital innovators. We have years of experience with the biggest brands and media outlets.

Who Uses Media Kitty?

Content creators and marketers meet on Media Kitty to make their work life flow. In today’s world of advancing technologies, remote working and social media, the lines between roles are becoming ever more blurred, but stories and contacts are still key.

Fresh challenges face our stakeholders daily as they work to deadline, across borders and with new teams. An ongoing, endless hurdle is getting the right people together at the right time at the right place. Not going to happen? We disagree. Quality contacts and introductions, on-line in real time. That’s us. We get things flowing and working in the media jungle.

Prominent journalists, bloggers and influencers across the globe join, use and trust Media Kitty:

  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • Washington Times
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • South China Morning Post, National Geographic & many more…

Members include:

  • PR Pros with heaps of experience and tons of contacts
  • Working journalists
  • Business builders
  • Internet innovators
  • Trend-spotters, news hunters, storytellers
  • Specialists in consumer travel, food and drink, health and wellness, sports, design and style, mobile technology
  • Strategists, agents, content creators
  • Collaborators, team builders, connectors
  • Architects of a global community of creative communicators

Who should join?

Professionals of varying levels of expertise, from ambitious newbies through to seasoned experts.


  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Social influencers

Communications Professionals:

  • PR agencies
  • Marketers
  • Trade
  • Tourism boards
  • Businesses
  • Brands

What are benefits to media?

Influence - Media professionals who matter

With Media Kitty, journalists access the right PR and marketing professionals, at the right time, delivering targeted exposure to 1000’s of newsworthy people, places, brands and products.

Impact - Today’s news

News alerts lead to new PR relationships. Fast access to expert sources sparks faster results. Profitable editorial and brand opportunities result, including media trips and invitations.

Immediacy - Making headlines

A strong vetting system ensures journalists are recognized as influential and accredited professionals in the field.

Ideas - Rich content

Fresh ideas come from expanded niche markets to explore and tap: travel, food and drink, lifestyle, family and pets, consumer technology, health and wellness, sports and style and design.

What are the benefits to PR professionals?

Timely - More Eyeballs Instantly

With Media Kitty, PR and marketing professionals access 10,000+ vetted, influential journalists and social media influencers on the spot.

Topical - Get People Talking

Target journalists and media outlets that matter to you. Capture influential and niche markets-travel ,food and drink, lifestyle, family, technology, health and wellness, sports, style and design.

Thoughtful - Creative and Relevant

Keep up to date and in the know with what’s new and next while you boost your profile and expand your global reach, smartly.

21st Century - Modern Days and Ways

A modern online community like no other, Media Kitty merges fun with facts, making your success easier, profile stronger and ROI higher.

How do I use Media Kitty?

Observe and learn. You can gain a lot from others in the community. What content posts stick out for you? Who is posting lots of good material that you can act upon? Emulating accomplished experts never hurts.

Make mistakes. Try fresh pitches on Media Kitty. You can always edit them, refine them or refocus them for success. Your postings can be edited or removed whenever you want, you are in control.

Deliver what you promise.If you are offering a media trip, story angle or product for review to generate interest from the community, please do the nice, polite, professional thing and respond. Even if you can’t facilitate, a simple sorry or not this time around helps put an end to loose ends and raises the bar of professionalism for all.

Our business at Media Kitty is about relationships. So is yours. So please be fair, kind and collaborative where you can be.

What is the history of Media Kitty?

A pioneer of its time, Media Kitty debuted in 2001 when its geek-at-heart, travel-loving founder Heather Kirk was on working holiday in Bermuda. Consulting to such clients as Princess Cruises, British Airways, the Japan Sumo Association, Kimpton Hotels and Granville Island, Heather recognized the need for an online tool to unite the connections she had fostered in journalism with the travel brands she knew and loved. In the early days of the internet, organic interest quickly grew amongst the most-forward professionals in the field, many of whom 14 years later remain devoted Media Kitty members. As international traffic and community membership grew and demand expanded from travel to include other media category niches, so too did the Media Kitty team grow with trend stalkers, news hunters, great-adventure storytellers and master virtual matchmakers. Media Kitty connected thousands online and through popular networking events in New York, DC, San Francisco, LA, Calgary, and beyond, becoming a true global community.